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Here are some of the inspiring projects and content you can expect to see on Curiosity Food in the near future. 


Arts & Crafts

  • Simple machines with a generous dollop of personality. Something along with lines of what Wolf Cat Workshop is up to.
  • Messy, characterful crafts. Take a look at the rough organic work that Jacks and Kate have on their site.

Building & Architecture

Science & Nature

About the Author Patrick Dinnen

I love projects that mix technical and creative skills. Over a decade ago I worked as a timber framer, chiseling 10-inch thick oak beams by hand. More recently I worked as a creative technologist, applying the Maker movement philosophy to businesses and brands. Now that I’m a dad of two young kids, I try to nurture their creative tendencies through paper, pixels, and everything in-between. If you have questions, suggestions, or other recommendations, let me know!