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Curiosity Food manifesto – Curiosity Food
the moon

Curiosity Food manifesto

Making and Exploring is the Best of Humanity

The mission of Curiosity Food is to inspire parents, teachers and all other adults who strive to nurture the natural curiosity of all kids.

It's essential that we raise our coming generations of humans with the skills and confidence to design and create the world that we need.

There are so many inspirations that brought me to this point. I'll credit three:

1) My kids. Watching them grow as curious and capable humans is a delight and honor.

2) Miss Mouse. She's a mouse and fictional, but no less an inspiration for all that. The kids book Need a House, Call Miss Mouse opened my young mind to the possibilities of crafting the spaces around us to exactly suit our needs and temperament.

3) Martin Molin, AKA Wintergatan. He invented and built an astonishing musical machine. He's a musician, not an engineer, but his natural curiosity and persistence are genuinely awe inspiring.

About the Author Patrick Dinnen

I love projects that mix technical and creative skills. Over a decade ago I worked as a timber framer, chiseling 10-inch thick oak beams by hand. More recently I worked as a creative technologist, applying the Maker movement philosophy to businesses and brands. Now that I’m a dad of two young kids, I try to nurture their creative tendencies through paper, pixels, and everything in-between. If you have questions, suggestions, or other recommendations, let me know!